A Welcome, A Rationale, and A Good Reading about Saying Yes

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.00.55 PMWelcome back to what I am sure everyone hopes is a great school year. Personally, one of the best things about teaching is that one year ends and we get another crack at it again the following year.  We have another chance to do the things we loved again, try things we think we will love, and change things so that we can love them. It is a profession of constant renewal and do-overs; I just love that.
So, in that vein of new things we think we will love…this is the “official” launch post for our new Office of Learning Blog – #learnisb
One of our goals this year in the Office of Learning (OOL for those acronym lovers out there) is to share more information about learning opportunities here at school and in the region. And for this reason we have created a calendar on the blog with all of the information located in one spot.
Additionally we want to explore how we can use social media, blogging, podcasting and vodcasting to share all of the great experiences happening at ISB.  We are a fortunate group of people who  work with many teachers and see tremendous amounts of great teaching and learning happening in our school. So we would like to use this space…and other spaces like Twitter to share interesting practices, our learning experiences with teachers and students, inspire each other and generate conversations about teaching and learning both inside and outside the walls of ISB.
And lastly, a resource…really it is just a reading to prompt our thinking about the new school year, our new colleagues, new opportunities, and how we all work together and come together in this place.
The Power of Starting with ‘Yes
This NY Times article from last April speaks a great deal to the power of language, groups, collaboration and ultimately starting with Yes.  Have a great first week and enjoy this new school year!

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